Faces to the children

More and more residents of the city are watching groups of teenagers gather in shopping and entertainment centers (explanation that in addition to trading goods there is) and behave extremely defiantly not only among themselves but also in relation to others. Children are shouting, pushing each other, waving their hands, sometimes blocking the way for visitors to the centers.

Residents of the city are outraged, write letters to different authorities (or complain) - take action.

They say that young people interfere with them, they are completely out of hand, they do nothing.

What to do with this situation. The authorities, as a rule, tend to use force methods (they don’t know how to do anything else):

- do not let in the shopping Mall,

- detain and take to the police,

- call them and their parents to the Committee on juvenile Affairs and issue a fine.

The situation reminds me of the 90s with street children. I'm sorry, but nothing has changed in the thinking of the authorities since then.

Clubs and sections are paid, and most parents don’t have enough finances. The leaders of clubs and sections are required to achieve results, success, and win a prize (the salary of the head depends on this). As a result, these sections and circles are highly regulated and focused on the final result, which doesn’t always correspond to the free spirit of a teenager.

Where should a teenager go? Where these teenagers could just sit, discuss their problems that concern him, a teenager, where to meet with friends outside of school. During these years, a person is becoming a person, his life attitudes for the future are finally formed. What needs to be done so that as a result of repressive measures (we can put it mildly), a teenager would not react inappropriately and would not commit suicide, unfortunately this is common in our country, would not commit a crime, and as a result would not go to prison.

Our work with teenagers is so diverse, unobtrusive and interesting for children that they don’t have a sense of freedom and comes to our classes with joy. Here they not only freely expresses their opinion, their views, but also listens to the opinions of peers and adults (employees and volunteers). Teenagers get additional skills and knowledge during master classes, get acquainted with the basics of the volunteer movement.


All roads come from the heart!
Thank you to everyone who goes with us!

Our task for the current period is to continue to help these teenagers learn about social issues in the world, develop and expand their horizons. Our experience certainly allows us to hope that we will cope with this task.

There is another task – to bring the problems of teenagers to the city authorities, turn them, the authorities, so that these problems are solved in a human, not administrative way. To be honest, this is an extremely difficult task, but we will solve it.