Why do we hold a summer camp for "difficult" teenagers?

Swimming Sun

So much literature has been written about teenagers and their problems that there is enough for more than one library, and problems from generation to generation are still not solved. Leading psychologists, honored teachers - all offer solutions, answers and, moreover, who help solve psychological problems of teenagers, in practice often can not cope even with their children.


Why is this happening?


Based on long-term experience with "difficult" teenagers, we see that the main complexity is that the parents themselves have their own psychological problems, which are multiplied by the immature child's psyche and as a result create many conflict situations, including depression and loneliness. Single teenagers believe that they do not have a person in this world that they can trust, lack communication or are not happy with communicating with their peers. Loneliness in boys is expressed in fears and aggressive behavior. In girls, the feeling of loneliness and alienation increases. Increases acute anxiety and tension associated with the desire to have friendly relations, the state when you do not understand. Loneliness, the desire for solitude, an attempt to understand yourself, bring yourself into a state of balance, contributes to the development of severe personality disorder. Faith in friendship and love is lost. There is a sense of uselessness, various complexes are formed. A state of depression, poor sleep, lack of appetite, irritability, shouting – all this affects self-esteem. And we understand that adolescence is a time when a teenager requires support and understanding, not pressure and judgment.


How do you get out of this state?

We invite children to participate in projects where they can become needed by others, take care of someone, show participation and compassion, and learn to value their own dignity.

These are the topics that we include in summer camp, when we have the opportunity to "dive" into a complex science for a month to understand ourselves and help ourselves.

1. To strengthen your own dignity as a person by participating in trainings

2. To help someone who is weaker than you, i.e. become necessary to others (access to an animal shelter, an orphanage)

3. To take care of someone (every younger child has an older friend, they do everything together)


Children get psychological support and a boost of energy from combining outdoor games, day trips, swimming, and sports games with psychological training.

Bad mood and depression are replaced by joy and good mood. And this is what we exist for as an organization to help children: to see children healthy and happy. After all, this time of childhood will continue to "resonate" in the hearts of children for a long time and pass as a red thread through life. And we understand that adolescence is a time when a teenager requires support and understanding, not pressure and judgment.

Thank you to everyone who is ready to participate in the organization of summer holidays for socially vulnerable children in this difficult time. We don’t receive assistance from the state. We also understand that this work is very important. After all, children are our future. And the more we now invest in them kindness, the more it will be on Earth in the future and the World will be cleaner and more beautiful!

We plan to hold our camp in August: two shifts of 15 people. In addition to educational and entertainment programs, we include 2 meals a day, as well as one and two day trips. The total budget for the summer Wellness program is 300 thousand rubles.