Long-awaited holidays

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For many years, we have arranged a camp for our participants in June. But this year we will have to delay it due to the current situation.


We plan to organize one in August. As usual, we arranged a two city-camp for 15 people. There are children, who come to the camp for 2 or more years. They often remember the time when we went camping together, held environmental events, and played sports. Some of them are already included in the camp preparation program, and participate in online meetings.

We would like to tell you about one boy who visited our camp last year – Slava.  He took a very responsible approach to completing the assigned tasks. He was responsible for the cleanliness of the premises where we held events. Every day, he assigned duty officers and monitored the quality of work. He also held a checkers competition among teenagers. At first, it was difficult for him to communicate with the new children; he was very shy and modest. By the end of the camp, he won the trust and respect of all.

This year, Slava offered to arrange a volunteer campaign for making houses for birds. We will definitely include it in the camp program. Not only Slava, but also other children want to be volunteers and help animals, birds, or just clean up garbage and make the city cleaner. We are glad that children themselves are talking about this, and want to be participants in such actions.

We see the results of the seed that we try to sow in our children. After all, these children are special, they are very sensitive to what surrounds them. If at the age of 10 a child is already thinking about how to make the world more beautiful, talking about it, offering specific things, sharing their experiences – it is worth a lot.

Our task is to support the child, help him realize his dream, reveal all the good that is in this small, but already big personality.

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