September came. And we met with the children to tell them about our center and what we will do this school year. We took again the children from class "G". There are many children in this class who do not attend any clubs, they have a lot of free time. Not all parents can afford to take their children to paid for clubs. At the age of 10-11 years, children are simply "burning" with ideas, they want to know everything and learn everything, get answers to their questions.

We offered the new group to get acquainted with volunteering, and what qualities should a volunteer have? What is a volunteer? The children gave examples where they can help. They remembered about animals, about helping the elderly, about bird feeders, about planting trees. The topic is familiar to them, but how to become a real volunteer, we will get acquainted with this at our meetings, for 4 months. On Wednesdays, children will come to our center and participate in our project "Young volunteer".

Follow our news and success! Better yet, come! We invite adult volunteers to work together.