To show their talents

Golden Key

Despite all the difficulties faced by teenagers who visit our center (problems with communication, study, parents, addictions, etc.), each of them has unique amazing talents. The children themselves are very modest and skeptical about their skills, so at our meetings, we always strive to strengthen their self-confidence and help them discover their potential.


Recently, the topic of our trainings has become self-assessment. Inadequate self-esteem is a natural phenomenon of adolescence, and the task of our center's psychologists is to create conditions in which everyone can see and evaluate their strengths, believe in themselves and move through life with these skills.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

We actively learn to thank each other, remember the most seemingly insignificant things for which we can say "thank you", look for what we are like and our unique differences, highlight what we like in each other and remember situations of success, learn to appreciate people who have contributed to our development. We noted the areas where we are strong and jointly look for ways to pull up the lagging areas.


The children can always show their talents both in classes and at holidays, events or online meetings with our foreign friends. Those children who found it difficult to talk about themselves, this time proved themselves and showed what they are capable of!


The teenagers prepared stories about their favorite places in the city and favorite activities, told stories and showed photos. A girl who draws pictures in the anime style prepared a whole story and showed a number of her works, the children  sang "The March of the Siberian Shooters", being in front of the camera, next to the audience and the translator, despite past fears, they all managed! And this is a huge STEP.


We are very proud of everyone! And we will continue to strive to reveal the talents and self-confidence of everyone who comes to our center.