New school year... New history…


When the new school year begins, new children appear in the center. We are very happy to meet new children. But it happens that relatives of teenagers come and talk about the problems that children face.

Fixing a Computer

Last Thursday, Stepa's grandmother called and asked to meet with the center's staff. Her grandson does not attend school, does not communicate with classmates, he spends all day on the Internet. Stepa has no parents, he is raised by his grandparents. His mother died when Stepa was 8 years old. He's 12 now. He is closed, he is not interested in what is happening. He doesn't want to go to the center with his grandmother.

But here's what we learned about the boy. It turns out that he is well versed in computers. We have an old computer, to somehow interest the boy and invite him to the center, we asked him for help on the phone and asked him to come and look at the computer. And to our surprise, he communicated well with me. We agreed that he would come with his grandmother. We look forward to meeting with Stepa and our fruitful cooperation.

The form teacher and social pedagogue make a lot of effort to ensure that the boy begins to attend school. And now we are ready to help Stepa start going to the center, where no one will reproach him or ask awkward questions. After all, our task is to help the child understand what is happening in his small heart and learn to be independent and make the right decisions that will affect his future life.

While the article was being prepared, Stepa's  grandmother called. He went to school today, agreed to meet with us, but for now at home.

Thank you to such caring grandmothers who take on the responsibilities of raising their grandchildren, and give them the warmth and care that children without parents lack. We think that together we will succeed and Stepa will please us with his success more than once!

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