«Love´s Bridge»+ Permm = friendship, project, creativity, part 2

Hand Drawing

Hello to our most attentive readers! Last time we promised to share news about our new pilot project with the Museum of modern art. Even though the concept is still under development, the first lesson was held at the very end of September. We are very excited to share the details of the last lesson!

The idea of cooperation between the teachers of "Love's Bridge" and the Permm team is simple at first glance, to combine the opportunity to speak openly on exciting topics and then work with emerging experiences through the expression of creativity. Together, we have managed to modernize the technology of the format of the debate with a discussion of uncomfortable issues in incognito mode by adding something new. This is an emotional response to what is happening with the help of a certain processing of your own feelings and your state into the creation of an art object.


 Participants of the class-schoolchildren and students, actively involved in the process, asking various exciting questions. About communication between children and parents within the family, and the norms of permissible behavior in communication, about human support in general, and about the relationship between young people and girls in particular. The dialogue was frank, deep and sincere. And it does not matter that the youngest participant is not even 14: that the students are much older than him. The team of organizers of the meeting with genuine curiosity listened attentively to the philosophical arguments of a very young, but such a wise schoolboy.


And then we created, created from the state that remained after discussing such inconvenient, but such vital issues. And thanks to Leila, a Museum teacher and professional in her field, she so sensitively selected materials for our future exhibits: foam, wire, and shiny tape of different widths. As a result, our pilot meeting was filled with personal meanings and living something important for everyone during the creative process. We hope that this is just the beginning of a long journey together "Permm" and "Love's Bridge".


See you soon, friends!