"Love’s Bridge" + Permm = friendship, project, creativity


We love to share and talk about those who help our children selflessly. For many years, the Perm Museum of modern art has been such a partner and now a friend. Despite the fact that this is a state institution, where everything should usually be strict and according to plan, in reality-smiling and insanely creative teachers Sveta, Lyuba and photographer Zhenya.

Once or sometimes twice a month, participants of the Love’s Bridge projects take great pleasure in visiting unusual excursions and creative master classes. The Museum staff treats our children with sensitivity and understanding, allowing them to feel the joy of the process of thoughtful contemplation of exhibitions and the madness of self-expression at workshops.


And they do not pay attention to the fact that we are different from ordinary visitors – we can come not only dirty and with dirty hands, but also in shoes out of season. But Perm has a special atmosphere of acceptance, discovery of new things and some fantastic harmony.

They do not pay attention to the fact that we are different from ordinary visitors – we can come to the Museum not according to accepted standards (there are simply no other clothes, for children the Museum is not yet a Sanctuary of art, they are used to walking in the same clothes). But Perm has a special atmosphere of accepting everyone, whatever the status of the visitor, discovering new things and some fantastic harmony.

Long-term cooperation led to the idea of creating a joint exhibition, the main characters of which were participants of one of the projects "Love’s Bridge". The external image of a "difficult" teenager who is considered a failure or a marginal person and the beauty of his inner component - this resonance is the basis of the message of the exhibition's author, photographer Zhenya. Zhenya as a volunteer attended our classes for several months, simultaneously making a mini-project about graduates of the shelter in the form of family photo stories.

Long-term cooperation, which has long reached a deeper level of interpenetration, was the impetus for the creation of a joint project. The pilot session is planned for the near future, and now the stage of active training of volunteers and coordination of the technical side of the project is underway. But more about this next time, and in the meantime, thank you so much for reading our news and enjoying the success of the students of the " Love’s Bridge ".

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