Results of 1 camp change: communication difficulties or learning to communicate again

Cartoon Wolf

Did you know that if a person is too long without live communication with others, he begins to slowly degrade, and as an extreme option – goes mad. Let's add to this total dependence on the virtual world and computer games – and we get a portrait of a typical participant of our summer camp.


After having online meetings with children, we switched to work offline. It immediately became clear that children, mostly boys, as if dropped out of society and separated to talk to others without manifestations of hidden and obvious types of aggression. Old habits have returned again. Humiliations, insults, and vitriolic remarks about each other dominated their discourse in the early days. Several times, teachers literally put on pause what was happening in the camp and urgently reincarnated as mediators, who did not allow the conflict to go to the stage of physical violence. And once we had to break up a real fight.

The reasons for this behavior are a long stay in isolation-at home without live communication with peers and teachers, the weakening of the requirements of adults when switching to distance learning, and the inability to solve conflicts with words rather than fists. Interestingly, all participants of the summer camp are boys.

Each with its own character and opinion, but they all seem to lack an attentive listening adult. After all, when we sit in a circle and discuss various topics, from daily routine for today to the philosophical – what is responsibility, the level of tension begins to gradually decrease. So we call each other by name, use "thank you" and "please" in our speech, and look into the other person's eyes when talking to them.

Skills of polite treatment to each other began to return and the topic about what responsibility is, from what age the child bears it for their actions and how it manifests itself. This is the best way to prepare children for growing up and understanding what makes them really morally stable and stronger. And irresponsibility, how it manifests itself and what consequences of failure to fulfill a promise, together with personal examples from the lives of children, complement the course of the lesson with a personal, clear and memorable one. This is just the beginning of the road and there are so many unanswered (important for this age) topics ahead. During the first shift of summer camp, we learned to be patient with others, solve conflicts without fighting, and became a little better, kinder and more attentive to others.


And there are so many new adventures ahead! See you at the 2nd shift of our summer camp! Bye!