The friendship continues


For more than 10 years, our center has been hosting a children's camp in the summer. Usually, this happens in June, but this year we plan to hold it in August. Children are looking forward to the opening. Since June, we have started preparing. We discussed the topic with the children, planned environmental events, master classes, trips to nature, and sports events.

In the conditions of quarantine, many children spend most of their time at home, at the computer. Parents are gradually returning to work. The children accepted our invitation to the camp with pleasure. After all, it is a great joy for them to be in our camp.


A year ago, we celebrated the twin brothers birthday at the camp. They received gifts and treats, and a special holiday program was prepared for them. This year they wanted to take part in our summer program again.

Boys are special. They will be 15 years old this year. However, they still cannot move around the city on their own, and it is difficult to adapt in unfamiliar places. PARENTS are overly protective, preventing boys from being more independent. Especially for these children, we study the areas of the city, the streets where we live, transport, stops. This helps a lot, because children and teenagers take responsibility for themselves and show their own independence. Of course, we repeat the stops and bus numbers several times, so that children are more confident and their parents are calm. Sometimes our volunteers take on this responsibility and accompany the children home. Along the way, they communicate, talk about themselves, their friends, their plans, and sometimes about problems they face and can't solve them on their own.

That's when the older comrades come to the rescue. They discuss the situation together and, if necessary, we, psychologists and teachers are involved. When the child understands that he is not alone, that he will be helped, he "opens up" more, and begins to talk rather than sit and remain silent, remaining in the heart with their unresolved questions.

We hope that our plans will be implemented. Let the group be small (for well-known reasons), but we prepare children for a full rest with food, an interesting program and participation in environmental actions. Our children all want to be volunteers and help make life more bright and interesting. Together we will succeed! And we will tell you in the next news about all the participants of our projects.


They are special, but all great guys!

Bucket & Spade