Good-neighborliness in Perm or friendly work of NGOs during the pandemic

Perm is considered a developed city in terms of social initiatives:


to palliative children – «Dedmorozim» Foundation

prevention from abandonment of newborns – «Cradle of hope»

social adaptation of the homeless – «Territory of respite»

the representation «Old age in joy» – which make the lives of older people a little more worthy

And there are also those who work to ensure that children remain in a blood family, and that teenagers do not end up in prison and do not commit crimes.

Sometimes those who help, need help as well. Strange as it may sound. In our country and all over the world, people are not sure about the future. We, the team of «Love’s Bridge», are also experiencing some difficulties. In the last three months of working in online mode, our children missed live communication and warm hugs. With hope in their hearts, teachers, parents, and most importantly, the children are waiting for the permission of  Rospotrebnadzor to open our camp. In the meantime, we are carefully rebuilding the summer Playground program to meet the new conditions of existence within the framework of the pandemic, with an emphasis on the safety of all its participants and the care of everyone's health.

There were no difficulties in planning 2 meals a day for 2 shifts of the camp with an approximate number of 30 people, not counting teachers and volunteers.

We always go camping, twice every summer, and the guys are so looking forward to it!

There is no silver lining, and in such a difficult period, the Association of Perm NGOs #PERMISSIONED we donated several pounds of food! Namely, the "Territory of respite", led by its head Anya, who many years ago was a volunteer in «Love’s Bridge» and instilled in us a love for an eco-friendly lifestyle, was the initiator of such a charity event. After all, now we have partially covered the cost of high tea and tea parties, as well as there are basic provisions for hiking.

Huge children's and human thanks to our colleagues who care not only about their wards, but also about our children, helping in a neighborly way*!

*For more information about the project "Everyone in Perm is a neighbor!", please visit the website Neighbors — site of mutual assistance of Permians.

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