Cartoon Camp

Waiting for the summer holidays

The month of May was very busy. The project for teenagers has ended. The children took part in the holiday dedicated to May 9, and also held a «subbotnik» (like a cleaning) in the children's center.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Now we are preparing a program for the summer camp. In June and August, children will participate in the environmental and local history program. We plan to help with the cleaning of the Nightingale Garden, hang bird feeders, visit the dog shelter to walk with the puppies, and also hold the "gift to a secret friend" campaign, where children can make their own gifts and give them to sick children. This idea was suggested by the children themselves.

But there will also be many useful meetings and trips to nature with competitions and sports games, as well as master classes, going to the cinema, visiting “Play Day”, training sessions for uniting and rallying the team, as well as rides in Gorky Park.


We look forward to the beginning of summer and pleasant and useful communication!

Bucket & Spade