Emotional output

Cute Monster

Every day we all experience a different emotions: from sincere joy to despair and bright anger. In teenage years, against the background of the general development of the body, all the emotional sensations of the children live especially acutely. At the same time, not always even an adult is able to understand and control what is happening to him. That is why in our center, one of the main tasks is to teach children to be aware of and live their emotions in an eco-friendly way within the framework of the "Antistress" program.

With a group of teenagers from the 6th grade, we discuss the nature of emotions, accepting and understanding that it is normal to experience any emotions. The main thing is to learn to live them constructively, without harming yourself and others. Many children, both boys and girls from the group, have problems with school discipline, regular conflicts with classmates and teachers. Many people do not know how to cope with their violent reactions and suffer from it themselves, and some teenagers, on the contrary, block the manifestation of "negative" emotions, which also leads to accumulated stress and psychosomatics.


Written practices help children to cope with emotional stress and live their "negative" constructively. Here they learn to respectfully express everything that "boiled", to register their emotions, situations, to share (if desired) this with the group. The intensity of emotions, tears, resentment, accusations in the process, discussion of school conflicts. The children wrote, scribbled, tore and crumpled the paper, filling the trash can to the brim, asking for more sheets of paper. By the end of the class, there was silence and relief. To replace the "negative" emotion, they called positive feelings, taking them with them. Now they know that in any difficult situation, they always have a sheet and pencil at hand, with which you can rewrite the history of their emotions.