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Tension, accumulated stress, and anxiety are the indicators that are particularly pronounced in our teenagers. "Describe 5 situations that worry you" - in the first place, almost everyone has school, conflicts with teachers, in the second place family circumstances. For some, it is the death of relatives, divorce, domestic violence. In order to reduce the level of tension and teach children how to live in stressful situations, our Anti-Stress program has begun.

Hands Red

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Various therapeutic methods of work are used here, such as

* Wax modeling

* Written practices

* Aromatherapy

* Mandalotherapy, etc.


Here we identify pain, anxiety, and fear. We listen to meditative music by candlelight, relax, release emotions, and open up our resources.


During the modeling with wax, the children were asked to blind their fear or disturbing situation, and then, having melted their fear over a candle, crumpling it in their hands, personally modeled new situation, a way out, a resource!

Something I can change MYSELF. And the most important thing is that everyone managed to find ways out, to find ways to change the situation. Who was afraid of death - has moulded love. Who feels in a financial loop - has fashioned  open free symbol. Who felt powerless in their family situation, instead of an armless figure, fashioned a man with strong big hands.


Now there are so many children that we divide them into 2, and sometimes even 3 groups, for training! After all, a comfortable number for training is no more than 10 people. While some of them go for a walk, play board games or do needlework, the rest go to anti-stress classes. We are very happy that the children trust us, our center is open to everyone who needs our help!

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