October 2018

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We have a good tradition: to blend the useful with the interesting when doing master classes for the children and teenagers from our center. Once a month we have a cooking master class. Children choose a dish to cook by themselves. We announce the competition of recipes and give children the task to get the information about the dish that everyone would like to prepare. The history and health benefits of the dish and how to cook it. After the kids’ presentations, we vote and choose the best recipe (in children’s opinion). If the dish is “difficult” we invite an expert-volunteer to do the master class for us. All the children take part in the process. This way, the kids learn to cook and then they can proudly tell their parents about their culinary success.

Recently we had a master class of cooking a home-made cake and pizza. The boys baked a cake and the girls prepared pizza. Of course, we treated all the guests and they appreciated our pies and inspired children for the next culinary achievements. The main idea of all this is the kids’ teamwork, helping each other, without which it’s impossible to achieve great results.


Not long ago we’ve met with our friend from Scotland, Michael Kerins. He visits us regularly, helps to organize the children’s free time and even pays trips to the countryside (holiday camps, excursions, trainings with relaxation programs). Moreover, he gave us postcards made by Scottish schoolchildren.




We in turn prepared our own gifts. Every child of our center made a little Christmas surprise for our foreign friends. 

Through these presents we would like to express the warmth of our hearts, love and wishes of peace and happiness to all the people in the world!