Briefly about the main thing and Happy NEW YEAR!

Фиолетовые колокольчики

2021 flew by unnoticed. There were difficulties in our organization. A lot of things had to be rebuilt in a very short time. However, we did not deviate from the program and from the number of children who had to participate in our events.

4 groups of children of 15 people took our course on the topic "aggression" and "transformation of aggression into a constructive channel". Teenagers 10-12 years old openly talked about their fears, about bad habits. Together we looked for solutions and ways out of difficult situations.

A year has passed. Now we have new children, but how happy we are when those children who participated in projects 2 years ago or even three come to us. They remember the time when we discussed exciting issues together. Some admit that before meeting us, their thoughts were far from the most correct in relation to weaker classmates. And being in the same place, in the same group, they got to know each other more and more and learned to accept everyone, listen and inspire. Such conversations were very useful and brought great benefits. The children have learned to be friends and appreciate relationships.





This academic year we have included Fairy Tale Therapy in our classes. And after the first meetings with the children, it became clear that we had hit the "spot". Different generations learn from the heroes of fairy tales and the behavior of the heroes always finds a lively response.

Children are very sensitive to someone else's grief and someone else's joy. And not only do we offer them some fairy tales, but they themselves begin to search, read and discuss the different behavior of the characters. They are especially interested in family relations and family values. This is the baggage with which they will go through life and will pass on to the next generations.

We hope that this will bear good fruit ...

And I also want to say THANK YOU to everyone who takes part in our common cause of fostering kindness and love in children.

Thank you very much!!! We wish you good health, happiness, and success to you and your loved ones!

We hope for further cooperation. Together we will succeed!

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