Poroshiny children in Love's Bridge

Severe frost and quarantine are over, so children started visiting our center again. Today we would like to tell you about three children from the Poroshiny family, who are our regular guests.

The older brother, Evsey started visiting us when he was 10 years old, during a period of 5 years. He was one of those lucky kids who got a present from our sponsors – a bicycle. Now his brother, Alex, who is now 10 years old and Vicky, 8 years old, come to our center. They are very kind and independent children. Their parents work a lot, that’s why the kids are mostly left to themselves. They walk in the street for a long time and their favorite place to visit are garages, where they spend almost all their free time.

Alex tries to earn money by helping adults to pick up trash near garages, cleaning the road of snow and by gathering iron, then bringing it to the recycling center. With the money he earns, he buys instant noodles called Doshirak and eats it in the street. We observed it once from the windows of our center. We invited Alex to come inside, he told us that there is no one at home and that he is on the street until the evening, waiting his parents to return. From then on, he began visiting us on the regular basis playing tennis, drinking tea and communicating with other kids.

He has problems at school, as he formulates his thoughts very slowly. His classmates are not ready to understand him or are just not able to build the right friendly relations with him. As a result, the child has become very reserved and doesn’t want to go to school and do his homework. He spends his free time with adult men who use foul language and drink alcohol in front of him. We try to help him by inviting him to our center to do his homework. He is very impatient with his studies, but sometimes he manages to stay still for 20 minutes and do a small task. What is more, he likes to help by setting the table for tea, washing the dishes and treating everyone with sweets.

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The youngest sister, Vicky also comes to visit us. She participates in our events, goes to the ice-skating ring and to the cinema with us or simply to talk to us when she’s free. She is only 8, but she walks in the street alone and sometimes goes to the garages with Alex. They ask adult men for money to buy some ice-cream or sweets. Yes, they have an older brother, Evsey, who tries to take care of them. Unfortunately, he is not always able to be present, because he studies. Since the parents work fulltime, the children are always alone at home.

Of course, they know that they can stay in our center where they are welcome and where they can always ask for help and get it. However, the children already felt the taste of money and it became very attractive for them. They try to spend more and more time with adults, listening to their conversations and asking for job to earn some money. Is money what they should care about? It’s a pity that we can only receive them no more than 3 times a week…

We would like to express our gratitude to our friends and sponsors! Thanks to you we keep on existing and helping these children!