Another school year begins
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Summer has come to an end and children have already started their school year. Many of them began attending after-school clubs. However, there are those who haven’t decided where to go yet. We keep on doing master classes, going to museums and taking part in intellectual games. All of this helps children develop and be more independent.

So, last Saturday we visited the Museum of modern art, where there was an exhibition devoted to water. The kids learned a lot of interesting things about the big and small rivers of their native city. Also, they became aware of the value of water and learned why we should save it and avoid contamination. All the children got involved in this game with great pleasure.




















This year we’ve got new kids. All of them are very different. But they have one thing in common: they need to be heard, accepted and cherished. Some of them live with their grandmothers, in single-parent families or in custody.

Since almost 3 years, two sisters (9 and 13 years old) have been attending our centre. They moved to the city of Perm from a small village. Their father left them at the age of 3 and 7 years old. They still can’t understand why their dad is gone. Every time we talk about their family they get upset. Their mother raises them alone, working in a shop for 12 hours a day. The girls have A LOT OF FREE TIME and they often come to our centre. The way they behave tells us that they desperately need parental affection: they are ready to spend all their free time with us!

We let them take part in all the events, meetings and conversations we have. The girls like to be on duty and get “dobrics” - “tokens of goodness” ("dobro" = "goodness" in Russian). They have become positive role models and help other children to become more successful in this way.

















The older sister paints very well – she makes postcards and wall posters for us. She never refuses any requests! Her dream is to find good friends. She wants to learn English to correspond with someone from a foreign country. We are positive that we will help her to find a pen-pal. We hope that someone will respond and write a letter to Arina!


We are very glad to see our children smiling and happy and we always try to give this to them. It is our firm belief that any help will definitely have a long-lasting effect on a person. We wish you a lot of joy and happiness! Have a nice day!