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For Christmas we would like to share with you a story of one family of three children who attend our center. The children live with their grandparents, not with their parents. They participate actively in the life of our center and we, in turn, help their grandchildren to develop harmoniously, to socialize, to interact with their peers and solve their private problems and concerns. In other words, we are trying to moderate and compensate their trauma as social orphans.


The oldest sister, Diana, is 12 years old. As a result of the over-protectiveness of her grandmother she has become lazy and has low self-esteem. The youngest girl, Sveta, is 7 years old. She is very active and open. The brother in the middle, Dima, is now 10 years old, though he came to us at age 7. He was a bit reserved and struggled with participating in group activities. He often wanted to be alone.


One day we asked him to arrange the children’s board games. There were many games, but Dima diligently did his task. All the kids appreciated his work and praised him. On that day, Dima got his biggest number of “dobriki” *. During the next lesson, Dima helped to set the table for the tea-party and then together with a volunteer, he washed the dishes. At that moment we were discussing the topic “The ability to see good in people”. Everyone remembered what Dima did and presented him as an example of how we need to help others.


Three years have passed. Now Dima is a regular and welcome guest of our center as well as an active participant of our activities. He always responds to requests for assistance, encourages his younger friends and gives useful advice.


We understand that some children need more attention from their parents, but due to business, professional fatigue or just plain ignorance, they don’t always pay enough attention to their children’s upbringing. This is where our volunteers can help by becoming older friends and role models for the kids.


Moreover, grandmothers, who worry and try to help their grandchildren also play a big role in children’s development. The grandmother of Diana, Dima and Sveta isn’t an exception: she is our active volunteer. She makes pancakes for all the celebrations, goes camping with us and cooks dinner for everybody while camping. Some grandmothers stay with us and take part in our activities. They come to realise that their grandchildren are more serious and cleverer than they had thought. The common classes help everybody to get to know each other better and, therefore, to change their attitude. They learn how to express respect those dearest to them. This shows that the active involvement of the older generation in our work helps to solve the eternal generation gap, strengthening family ties.


Our meetings always end by summarizing results. By doing this, the children learn to better express their thoughts and to see all the good that surrounds them. It makes us happy and is most thought provoking.


We hope that among us there are a lot of people who are ready to help and sympathize with others. If you read this right now and want to support us in our activities, we are always very glad to receive any help you can give!


Dear partners and volunteers! We are very grateful for your help and would like to give you our very best wishes on Christmas and New Year! For this new year 2019, we wish you good health, happiness, prosperity and blue skies above!


* «Dobriki» is a local currency of the center, an equivalent of good things kids do that is converted to children’s joy, stationery, toys, etc.