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Aggression and adolescence: summarizing the results of the first semester

Let’s talk about some serious issues. Aggression and its manifestation in the behaviour of teenagers has become normalised. Children communicate by pushing each other and by using hurtful nicknames instead of addressing each other by their names. This isn’t an individual tendency; this is the established behaviour among teenagers nowadays. That’s why we created a project with this complex name: “Outside of school: transforming teenage aggression into constructive activism”. This project is funded by the Fund of presidential grants, which is an essential addition to the general educational program of our teenagers.


This subject of aggression was added to the programme of this academic year with younger children who, at first sight, don’t seem to have very serious issues with aggressive behaviour. The school administration took this decision as a primary prevention of misbehaviour, to instore an early detection of those deviating or breaking the law.


These classes are provided twice a week. The first class is in the form of a training session. The second class is a discussion of important topics for children in the form of an intellectual game. The main thing was to let the kids choose topics of discussion by themselves. In this way, these two components of the course supplemented each other, enabling to maintain the interest of the children for 4 months.


At first, we learned essential topics such as successful self-presentation, the skill of conflict-free communication, the ability to express accumulated aggression in an ecological way, without causing harm to others. It’s hard to enumerate them all!


Most of all, the kids welcomed the discussions of essential questions in an unusual, yet well-accepted way. When a student, or so-called “expert” was in charge of the discussion, significant questions were asked, such as:

-         How to apologize to my mother if I offended her?

-         How to behave when my parents have an argument?

-         How to improve the relations with my classmates?


Like a lightning bolt out of the blue, a question such as: “How to hate school less?” The circle was completed inside the school itself with acts of aggression, reaffirming the importance to address these issues outside educational establishments.


In the beginning of 2019, we are going to continue to concentrate on this most important subject of aggression by listening to the opinion of every child and then summarizing and analysing the results together.


These are the results of our project – they are so exciting and thought-provoking! This is what we'll be looking at next time.


We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!