The graduates’ reunion of the 24-hour Center «A step to home»

Almost 20 years ago the 24-hour center for street children and children in difficult life circumstances was opened. Jered Markoff, Christina and Michael Greenberg, Joy Beeler, Jemima Farris, Lea Leonard, Anna Mara, Alais Mara, Jesse Mara, Jesse Horwitz, Josh Pichetti, Petra Velzeboer, Ella Gozdecka, Samuel and Yolanta Markoff, Hamish and Hannah Louise, Lisa Wasserman, Michael Murphy, Christine Wessel, Viktor Leben, Josiah Edson, Phil Bedolfe and many others – these are those young and active people who overcoming serious difficulties in organization, repairing, searching finances managed to prepare an excellent house and create all the necessary conditions for the happy childhood.


In the center lived from 18 to 20 children and teenagers. Every child had an adult mentor and a foreign friend. They found the schools and colleges for the kids getting the simplest profession. For some of the children they found adopted parents where they got happy families. On the holidays the volunteers took the kids to the sea side. Our children even visited Ireland and they still remember this wonderful trip…


Now these kids are over 30 and many of them have their own families. However, they don’t lose the connection with our center. We understand that many of them are not alive… Not everyone managed to handle the severe life circumstances: for some of them we couldn’t find the right words, the others weren’t strong enough to fight with bad habits, and we are very sorry about it… Nevertheless, we keep on helping to all who went through that hardship with us. The guys got together on the post graduates’ reunion to share their problems and successes, to remember their teachers and thanked them for their help.


And we thank you very much, our dear friends, dear founders of Love’s bridge!


We wish you and your families Merry Christmas! 

May God bless you and fill all your needs! We wish you great happiness and good health!


“The children” and the team of “Zaschita” and “Love’s bridge”