A new academic year has begun.

Школьный автобус

A new academic year has begun! We were looking forward to new children. And so, the long-awaited meeting. Boys and girls came to get acquainted with our children's center. At the meeting, we shared about how the holidays went, where the children visited, what they did. A lot of them spent time in gadgets. This is their favorite vacation, as the children noticed.

We invited the most "difficult" class to cooperate, according to teachers, where only four out of 26 people attend clubs. Children are left to themselves for all their free time.

We have developed a program for them taking into account the wishes of the class teacher. Children need increased attention from adults, it is difficult for them to concentrate, to find the right words to answer.

Some people find it difficult to communicate, they are closed and do not want to let anyone into their world. And to relieve such tension, we start the meeting with games. And then, when we feel that the children are ready for our communication, we invite them to talk about topics that they care about and are interesting at their age. Pleasant .the moment is the general tea party, during which, according to tradition, we summarize the results. Every child learns to talk and keep track of what was interesting at the meeting, and what was not very pleasant.

Children learn to analyze their behavior and the behavior of their friends.

It's all about new kids. But we have a group of those who visit the center for several years. These are volunteers – that's what they called themselves. There are two days for them in which we are waiting for them. These guys help us to conduct master classes for younger guys, go out into nature and just spend time with them.

We really hope that all our plans will come true and we will have a big friendly team of joyful and kind children who are ready to help the weak and just all people!