News from the 3rd session of the summer camp

Another summer went by and another school year has begun for our participants. The children went to school and we are very happy that they are in a good mood, that they could have a good rest and gain strength for a new school year.


What was the 3rd session devoted to and what was the main reason of holding it? In the beginning we were planning only two sessions, but when observing the children and their parents we saw a lot of negativity and aggression to each other. The children didn’t listen to each other or show respect to their parents, they interrupted adults while speaking and got easily upset, creating constant conflict. We then decided to find out the reason behind such behaviour. It turned out that many of them didn’t want to go to back to school, see their classmates or do homework. This became the topic of our 3rd session: “Emotional and psychological commitment of teenagers to their academic process”.


The parents sighed with relief. This was the root of the problem during the entire academic year! The microclimate in the classroom can stimulate students and make a better learning atmosphere. It wasn’t only important to create a good mood, but also to improve the psychological and emotional state of these teenagers. We had 5 meetings to do it.

22 (1).jpg

1. On the first meeting we visualized negative emotions: children expressed their aggression, irritation and rage on paper. The kids noticed stress-reduction and emotional release.

2. Sculpting warm wax helped them to relax, channel their attention and be filled with positive emotions.


3. On the 3rd meeting we taught the children relaxation methods with deep breathing and physical exercises. Together we learned the body's vital points responsible for stress-reduction and calming.


4. On the 4th meeting, with meditations and warm essential oils of coconut and lavender we learned to relax body and mind and concentrate our attention.


The 5th lesson was also very interesting: we showed the kids the amazing world of mandalas. All of that brought them enormous pleasure and an excellent mood!


However, it was only the first part of our program. After dinner we had master classes, sports and intellectual games, games in the open air and we visited the children’s entertainment center called Play Day. The kids loved it!


We would like to thank all of our friends who made such a difference this summer by helping us to hold the summer camp for our children, providing them with warmth and care!