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Waiting for the summer holidays

The month of May was very busy. The project for teenagers has ended. The children took part in the holiday dedicated to May 9, and also held a «subbotnik» (like a cleaning) in the children's center.
Now we are preparing a program for the summer camp. In June and August, children will participate in the environmental and local history program. 


The Power of Unity

Everyone knows that relationships among teenagers can be completely different: from total merging into their own subgroups, in which there are usually several leaders, to bullying and not accepting someone unsuitable into their micro world, going beyond their perception or social status.


“Love´s Bridge” welcomes you to the telegram channel

We have a good change in communication with you!

We have set up new communication channels and ways to transmit information:

Telegram-channel for quick communication and the ability to solve the most important tasks!



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