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About important things or how children feel during forced quarantine

It is no secret that it is inconvenient, difficult, and sometimes even scary to change your usual way of life abruptly.  All residents of our country have faced such unpredictable obstacles: workers, teachers, the sick and healthy, children and their parents/guardians. And if we, adults, adapt to new conditions easier and faster, just because we are older and wiser, for our children this process is difficult and not fully understood.


New friends

In February, a new boy, Ivan, came to the children's center. He is 7 years old. He lives with his mother and brother. His brother is 16 years old and for health reasons, he can’t be at home alone. The mother receives a small allowance for the eldest son and spends all the time with him. But, thank God, Vanya is doing well. He is in the first grade, loves to communicate and helps his mother. He walks the dogs with his mother and feeds them. They breed them for sale. And the money from selling are used for buying clothes and food. Vanya does not attend any clubs, because they need to be paid for, and there is no extra money in the family. Therefore, when Vanya found out about the children's center, he was happy to come to our events.


Faces to the children

Our work with teenagers is so diverse, unobtrusive and interesting for children that they don’t have a sense of freedom and comes to our classes with joy. Here they not only freely expresses their opinion, their views, but also listens to the opinions of peers and adults (employees and volunteers). Teenagers get additional skills and knowledge during master classes, get acquainted with the basics of the volunteer movement.



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