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What can make your family happy?

   Do you remember, that we wrote earlier about the problem of Fathers and Children?

   This topic is taken from a program for older teenagers. It turned out to be very relevant and in demand among our audience. After all, almost every one of our participants lacks a full-fledged relationship with their parents. And children are acutely aware of the emptiness in their hearts from lack of communication. But an empty place cannot remain unoccupied for a long time and children fill it as best they can.


Briefly about the main thing and Happy NEW YEAR!

2021 flew by unnoticed. There were difficulties in our organization. A lot of things had to be rebuilt in a very short time. However, we did not deviate from the program and from the number of children who had to participate in our events.


“Love´s Bridge” welcomes you to the telegram channel

We have a good change in communication with you!

We have set up new communication channels and ways to transmit information:

Telegram-channel for quick communication and the ability to solve the most important tasks!



We are a non-profit public charity based on voluntary contributions and grants. We work with disadvantaged children, kids from multi-child and needy families. Click here for more information.

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