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“Love´s Bridge” welcomes you to the telegram channel

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We have set up new communication channels and ways to transmit information:

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New school year... New history…

When the new school year begins, new children appear in the center. We are very happy to meet new children. But it happens that relatives of teenagers come and talk about the problems that children face.


«Love´s Bridge»+ Permm = friendship, project, creativity, part 2

Hello to our most attentive readers! Last time we promised to share news about our new pilot project with the Museum of modern art. Even though the concept is still under development, the first lesson was held at the very end of September. We are very excited to share the details of the last lesson!.



We are a non-profit public charity based on voluntary contributions and grants. We work with disadvantaged children, kids from multi-child and needy families. Click here for more information.

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