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Project "School without lessons"

   The second half of the school year has begun. Based on the results of the children's academic performance, we realized that children need additional classes in some subjects. And since January of this year we have started a new project "School without lessons".



Creating a FAIRY TALE

    We all come from childhood. And what is the most magical thing in childhood? For many of us, it is a warm evening with the family, when parents dim the lights and take out your favorite fairy tale book. The characters   are revived in our mind  as we admire their courage, optimism and kindness. Through fairy tales, we learn the boundaries of good and evil. Imagining ourselves as the main characters, adopting their qualities, dreaming that someday we will become the same as them.


“Love´s Bridge” welcomes you to the telegram channel

We have a good change in communication with you!

We have set up new communication channels and ways to transmit information:

Telegram-channel for quick communication and the ability to solve the most important tasks!



We are a non-profit public charity based on voluntary contributions and grants. We work with disadvantaged children, kids from multi-child and needy families. Click here for more information.

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