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September came. And we met with the children to tell them about our center and what we will do this school year. We took again the children from class "G". There are many children in this class who do not attend any clubs, they have a lot of free time. Not all parents can afford to take their children to paid for clubs. At the age of 10-11 years, children are simply "burning" with ideas, they want to know everything and learn everything, get answers to their questions.


"Love’s Bridge" + Permm = friendship, project, creativity

We love to share and talk about those who help our children selflessly. For many years, the Perm Museum of modern art has been such a partner and now a friend. Despite the fact that this is a state institution, where everything should usually be strict and according to plan, in reality-smiling and insanely creative teachers Sveta, Lyuba and photographer Zhenya.



We are a non-profit public charity based on voluntary contributions and grants. We work with disadvantaged children, kids from multi-child and needy families. Click here for more information.

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