Winter has come!
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The winter joys

The new 2020 started, so started the long-awaited winter holidays! On the holidays the kids went to the ice-ring, took part in a cooking master class and watched a Christmas film. However, most of all the children like spending time in our center, communicating with the pedagogues, talking about themselves, about their dreams, discussing plans, sharing the joys and failures.


The old traditions in the new year: the story of Zakhar

In our center the children learn to be necessary, to communicate and just to be happy. This new year we save our old traditions. One of the main principles of our philosophy claims that every child is unique and we need to find a “key” to their heart. The stories of our kids are the chances to get to know the life of a certain little person, his/her family, thoughts and dreams. And we want to start the stories of our wonderful children telling you about Zakhar (the name is changed) who came to Russia from abroad. 



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